Education empowers communities

Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe has stressed the importance of education to a developing society, saying it does not only benefit an individual, but rather empowers the community.

“Education is without a doubt a lever to uplift individuals, their families and society at large. Nowhere is this true than in South Africa, where education should serve as a weapon against the scourge of poverty among our people,” Motlanthe said on Monday.

He was addressing the Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust Fund’s Fundraising dinner at the Killarney Country Club. The trust raises funds and gives opportunities to top performing learners from Alexandra Township to further their studies at tertiary level.

Motlanthe told the delegates that education is one of the five priorities of government, the others being health, crime, rural development and the creation of decent jobs.

He also used the opportunity to pay tribute to Vincent Tshabalala.

“Vincent was confident that when democracy and justice dawned in his country, there would be a need to create opportunities for quality education for all which would lift the fortunes and well-being of South Africans, especially those from the poorest families and communities,” said Motlanthe.

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