Learners to get more info on career paths

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) has launched a career advice helpline to equip learners with information to navigate work and study paths.

The helpline, which started to operate recently, will enable learners to increase their employability and manage their own career development as well as providing a resource for career advisers.

A team of career guidance councilors is in place to assist learners seeking advice on post school opportunities.

The launch of the helpline follows the announcement made by Higher Education and Training Minister Dr Blade Nzimande during his 2010/11 budget speech, where he announced that he had tasked SAQA with the establishment of a national career advice helpline.

An amount of R100 million has been allocated by the department for the project, the money will be spent over a three year period.

Director of SAQA’s Career Advice Service, Paul West said the service will be available to people of all ages and can be accessed by phone, SMS, website, e-mail, letter or in person.


“This means that anyone, for example, a learner needing to choose school subjects, a school leaver wanting to study further or a working person wanting to switch to a different kind of work can find the information and support to take the next step,” West explained.

He also added that making a career choice is one of the most important decisions a learner makes, therefore, it is imperative that learners have the necessary information and get advice before making decisions.

For assistance, learners can call the helpline number 086 0111 673 or e-mail address help@nqf.org.za or check the website on http://www.nqf.org.za

Source: BuaNews


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