People Capabilities Corporate Learning Resources and DVDs

People Capabilities Training DVDs and Corporate Learning Resources

Enrich your learning experience with our diverse range of training DVDs & corporate learning resources for as little as R1 330. The training DVDs showcase workplace-based scenarios dramatised by professional actors in USA, UK & Australia. The DVD packages also include comprehensive workbooks & facilitator notes. Our corporate learning DVDs focus on various business themes and topics under the following DVD bundles;

1.     Manager’s Collection: consists of a set of 9DVDs targeted at developing leadership and supervisory competencies. This collection of DVDs showcase proven techniques and ‘how-to-guides’ on managing people and teams.

2.     Customer Service Collection: consists of a set of 9DVDs on how to establish effective customer relationships. If YOU deal with customers either face-to-face or on the phone, you’re the point of contact between customers and the organisation. Workplace-based scenarios and role plays are used to reinforce learning about service excellence in customer care.

3.     Human Resource Collection: consists of a set of 9 DVDs focused on creating a conducive and productive workplace.

4.     Professional Management Series: consists of 9 CDs with 52 learning outcomes & 35 hours of contact learning time. Targeted at supervisory & management development to enhance communication & interpersonal competencies in the workplace.

To order your collection of DVDs, you can request an order form through our Corporate Learning Resources Division on . Our learning & development team can also arrange to meet with you to assist on your training needs analysis and recommend suitable learning DVD collections that you can use in your training interventions or select a collection for your corporate resource centre suitable for your specific needs.


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