Workplace Skills Plan with Compuscan

He who plans for a lifetime, trains people

If you want to train and up-skill your staff and need to submit your Workplace Skills Plan (WSP), Compuscan Academy can help you…

Identify skills gaps and plan your training and education interventions accordingly for the coming year. Submit your plan to your Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) and comply with the Skills Development Act (SDA).

By using Compuscan Academy to assist you with your WSP, you will benefit by:

•    Planning and budgeting properly for your skills development
•    Focusing your approach to uplift the skills of your human capital
•    Claiming back 50% of your levies in the form of mandatory grants
•    Claiming between 15% – 25% for skills development on your BEE scorecard
•    Qualifying for additional discretionary grants from your SETA
•    Complying with the Skills Development Act (SDA) and Skills Development Levies Act (SDLA)

Focus your time and energy on your Workplace Skills Plan and integrate it with your business growth strategy. You will gain a competitive advantage and get the maximum benefit from a skilled, more productive and highly motivated workforce. This trend is being followed in South Africa to develop a skilled workforce. Are you?

About Compuscan Academy

Compuscan Academy can help you identify skills gaps in your company and the best skills development interventions to address those gaps. This will include conducting an in-depth skills needs analysis of your organisation to determine what skills you have and what skills you need while helping you to comply with skills development legislation. You will become and remain competitive within the business arena.


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