Bhejane Nature Training and Conservation

Bhejane Nature Training has been established with the inspiring history of the re-introduction of black rhino in Zululand, South Africa.

The dedication, persistence and high standards of the KwaZulu Natal Game Rangers were the driving force in the increase of black rhino populations in South Africa. The black rhino (Bhejane in Zulu), represents a successful conservation effort from the Game Rangers. They had overcome challenges through pure passion and determination.

Bhejane’s aim is to emulate those high standards. Our vision is to empower and equip people with the tools and desire to make a difference in their chosen field. We also want people to experience South Africa at it’s best in the untamed wilderness, with the outcome of touching them on a spiritual level.

Bhejane Nature Training offers an exciting and comprehensive courses for people with varying interests eg career training for aspiring nature guides, gap year programmes for people of all ages, customised programmes for groups, schools and colleges etc

Join us and help make a difference the Bhejane way!


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