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Dear grade 12 Life orientations adviser/teacher,

As part of the top 100 schools – rated by the University of Johannesburg – you will receive a package containing a letter and flyers with detailed information on the Jump-Start programme shortly.  Your grade 12 learners can only benefit from this programme – learners not enrolling for further studies during 2011 will need extra coaching to enter the world of work successfully, and learners going to Universities will need the same skills set once they have graduated and are ready to find employment!  The job shortage and scarcity situation in South Africa, even for graduates, is still a very alarming dilemma!

All you’ll need is that first step….take it, and Jumpstart your career today!

Back ground:

South Africa is confronted with the twin evils of high unemployment levels and skills shortages. One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that while schools, and Tertiary Education institutions provide learners with technical skills they do not actually prepare learners to enter into and excel in the world of work.

The Thusanani Work Readiness Programme (a FASSET sponsored programme) has proven to be an ideal way for unemployed PDI graduates to get employed.  In June 2010 SHA will hosted the 13th Thusanani intake, since 2005. At the end of this year approximately 1300 unemployed graduates will have benefitted from this training, and close to 90% have already been placed in gainful employment. More details of the Thusanani programme are available on our website.

A new focus for all:

Jump Start is a work readiness programme designed to guide all young new entrants into an appropriate career, give them the skills to succeed in the process of becoming employed and accelerate their entry into the world of work. Jump Start is based on the highly successful Thusanani work readiness programme that has been presented by Stanley Hutcheson & Associates for the past six years.

Stanley Hutcheson & Associates are specialists in the field of work readiness and have used our unique combination of skills to help hundreds of young South Africans enter into the world of work.

Our specialist areas as shown above provide you with a unique service which will guide you into the right career for you, prepare you to stand out in the selection process and put you in contact with hundreds of employers who are seeking new entrants.

As part of our team, Industrial Psychologists, who specialize in the field of career psychology and career guidance, will provide you with a comprehensive career assessment, and through this, guide you into a field and career for which you are ideally suited and would find stimulating and fulfilling.


The training programme will take place over a period of 2 weeks full time / 9 weeks part time and will comprise a combination of self study, classroom based training and practical workshops.

Next courses:

1. Full time June 21st, 2010 or
2. Thursday Evening (part time) June 24th, 2010 or
3. Saturday morning (part time) June 26th, 2010

Thereafter, our placement specialists will accept you onto our database and will facilitate an action oriented approach to your job search process.  Working with you, we will assist you to prepare your application, secure the interview and present yourself in the best possible way during the interview culminating in your employment.

Why Jump Start your career?

In the highly competitive recruitment market, employers, in their selection process, are looking for the best candidate for the job. Jump Start will help you to stand out from the crowd, and because you have the additional skills, you will be accelerated to the front of the employment queue… where you’ll be jumping with joy!

Training is conducted at our training centres in Northcliff (Johannesburg) and Musgrave (Durban).

Our courses are offered on a monthly basis and training is also conducted in the late afternoons to accommodate school, and university calendars. We have various payment options, all course materials and certification is offered at R5500.00 Vat inclusive.  (BOOK EARLY AND BENEFIT FROM OUR EARLY BIRD SPECIAL)

For further enquiries and to set up a meeting regarding your specific need with an in-house training programme within your work place environment please contact us.

Don’t waste time – Jump-Start your career today.


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