Higher Education and Training Minister Dr Blade Nzimande on the proposed new SETA landscape

In November last year, my department assumed responsibility for skills development from the Department of Labour. At the time, we acknowledged that there were negative perceptions about the performance, management and governance of the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs); that there was inadequate alignment of industry needs and provision of training and skills development and particularly relating to the supply of artisans and technicians; and that when the industrial policy action plan was finalised we would align skills development efforts to support its implementation.

In November, I also announced the extension of the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) II and current SETA licence by one year from March 2010 to March 2011 in order to allow us time assess the SETA landscape and design the architecture of the NSDS III in line with the new administration’s strategic objectives. In my budget speech last month, I noted that 19 of the 23 SETAs received a clean bill of health from the Auditor-General and that we will take decisive action to deal with the non-performers.

Today we announce three major developments:

  • The public release of the proposed new SETA landscape
  • The release of the draft framework for the National Skills Development Strategy 2011/12 to 2015/16
  • Steps to deal with non-performing SETAs
  • Restructuring of the SETA landscape

After an extensive process of review and consultation, my department has submitted to me a proposed new SETA landscape which I am now releasing for public comment and which will be gazetted. The NSA will hold public hearings before finalising their recommendations to me. The new SETA landscape will be adopted by the third quarter of this year after consultation with the NSA.

The criteria guiding the proposed new landscape are to ensure coverage of all economic sectors, financial and operational viability; and alignment with current government priorities.
The proposed new SETA landscape in summary features:

The recertification of 15 SETAs with minor changes
The “amalgamation” of several SETAs to secure greater efficiencies which will result in the establishment of six “new” SETAs.
Reduction from 23 to 21 (The sectors served by Fieta, CTFL, and Mappp SETAs are now located elsewhere)
The annexure has the full list of SETAs and proposed changes.

The National Skills Development Strategy 2011/12 – 2014/15

The framework of the NSDSIII 2011/12 – 2015/16 is intended to guide the development of the Sectoral Skills Plans (SSP) for adoption by September 2010.This framework should be read as a companion to the Human Resource Development South Africa (HRDSA) Draft strategy for discussion 2010 – 2030. SSPs are five-year skills development reports prepared by SETAs aimed at identifying:

The skills needs of industry / economic sectors (skills shortages, skills gaps and skills supply);
Possibilities and constraints in the effective utilisation and development of skills in relation to government’s priorities and the objectives of the HRDS, the NSDS, Provincial Growth and Development Strategies (including major projects) and relevant industry / economic strategies.

The NSDS is the overarching strategic instrument for skills development and guides sector planning. These processes will culminate in the launch of the revised Strategy at the National Skills Conference in October 2010 which will be followed by the implementation of the next five-year National Skills Development Strategy.

The NSDS is released for consultation today. I intend to finalise the NSDS framework by the middle of June and invite comment on this framework.
Non-Performing SETA’s.

I am reviewing the governance mechanisms for SETAs and intend to take legislative steps to improve their functioning. We are also looking into patterns of mismanagement and non-performance in the SETAs and will release details within the next two weeks about action to be taken. The Skills Development Act permits the Minister, after consultation with the National Skills Authority and the SETA in question, to direct the Director-General to appoint an administrator to take over the administration of a SETA or to perform the functions of a SETA if, inter alia, the SETA fails to perform its functions. This is one of the options open to me to deal with non-performers.

We invite response to the NDSSIII and the proposed new SETA landscape. The NSA will conduct public hearings from 14 -18 June 2010 in Pretoria. Any organised constituency and members of the public willing to make submissions are invited to register and confirm their intention with the Executive Manager: NSA Secretariat on or before 12:00 on 31 May 2010. All applicants will be contacted by no later than 16:00 on 9 June 2010 to confirm the venue, date and time for submissions.

Written submissions can also be sent to the NSA. The contact details of the NSA Secretariat are as follows:

Mr. T Mashongoane
E mail address: Mashongoane.T@dhet.gov.za

Source: buanews.gov.za, sos-medical-centres.org, africaeducationproject.org, unesco.org


12 thoughts on “Higher Education and Training Minister Dr Blade Nzimande on the proposed new SETA landscape

  1. Dr Blade Nzmande. Please help. I am a temperary lecturer at Northern Cape FET College from 01 February 2006. More that 50% of the lecturers in this institution is temperary. No medical, no pension, no house allowance. Speaking to other lectures at other colleges, it seems that this is the trend at al the FET colleges. Our CEO told our staf in a personel meating a few years ago that there is no way for us to be appointed permanently. On the other side. With a basic salary of R11 299 (Yes! That is the salary of a lecturer with 16 years experience) it is impossible to live through each month and save for old age. It also have an effect on applying for a loan for buying a car or a house or a student loan or any other loan. Temperary people did not qualify for these benifits at the banks.
    My question is if there is something in the pipeline for lecturing staf at FET colleges to be appointed permanently in the nearby futute.

  2. Dr Blade Nzimande,Please help with the matter at tertiary institution and companies when coming to verify whether you have the qualification or not.Issues like you don’t have money to pay but you are done with your studies you can’t find the job because of that and to request a letter from the tertiary instituition it takes a week or more and that is really a pain.The must be way to assist with this matter that the institutuion must have an agreement with companies to veryfiy our qualification.Thank you hope my request will be attended to assist a lot of students who needs employment.

  3. Dear Dr Blade Nzimande this is my second letter that I am sending you. I am an temporary teacher at Wattville Adult Education Centre in partnership with Adelaide Tambo Social Development , teaching practical Carpentry and maths literacy. I am also multi-skilled in brick laying, Plaster, Electric wiring, Electric technician(fix stoves, refrigerators,air cons,micros and more), Welding, Plumbing,Tiling,Paving,moldering. I also participating to help in agricultural activities in which at the present moment we are using backyard schools and underutilized land. I have registered the NGO called Tshebedisano Multi-development Projects

    We first want to congratulate you by the good words of wisdom about promoting Artisan Skills. The is a building which it was previously school, that building is vandalized and belong to public works, I want to honor you to teach the above mentioned skills and,computer,sawing.business skills, catering and more.


  4. Dear Dr Nzimande
    A very wonderful day to you.I am a registered first year student at NWU VAAL campus.I need help of financial support.I applied for nsfas and it was declined and during registration I had to pay an amount of R10300 because I am residing in university residence.I could only pay R 5900.I don’t have parents to support me financially.I have brother who works as a security servant and he earns less than R 3000 a month depending on number of days he has worked.My sister was appointed by the law to be my guardian and she used to earn my foster child grant for me before it lapsed but she is still try to re-apply for it.She earns her two children pay grant but she sometimes find piece job.Both my brother and sister have children who are attending school and they have to support them too.They can’t always support me with all my needs.They also have to pay monthly expenses like funeral death cover.I don’t have textbooks and the study guides provided by the university are only guiding us,they don’t contain efficient study information.With the money that my sister gives to buy food ,I have to use it to buy available second hand textbooks and left with nothing to buy food with.At residence some of the first year students have formed a committee to help us with the food and those that can afford to buy textbooks will buy some of us textbooks with their bursaries or nsfas book voucher.I just want to use the opportunity that God gave me and make difference in my life so I that I can help my family finacially once I am employed one day.Being in university is indeed a previlage for me because not all young people who wanted to be in university got the opportunity,some wanted to but due to their matric results they couldn’t.I just don’t want to let financial barrier stop me from fulfilling my potential as a human being to achieve that which I am capable of. Please help me Dr.I have tried to find assistance but no luck.I still don’t understand it,if I have qualified for univeristy admission why else can’t I get financial aid? I am studying BA COMMUNICATION studies.PLEASE HELP ME Dr.

    I hope my request will be attended not only to assist me but also other students with the same problem.Once again thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing for our country.We really appreciate it.

    I thank you

  5. Dr Nzimande i would like your help with the fact that not only myself but speaking for my brothers and sisters who are left jobless because of companies requiring a lot of years of experience when they post jobs.it is unfair because most of us are from school or training institutions.how else will we feed our families without a job.we do not have years of experience so how else can we work.shuldnt the companies give us a chance so we can learn and make a living for ourselves?let them give us a chance thank u

  6. Dear Dr Nzimande

    I have a situation of my daughter who was a student at Elsenburg college for past 3years, she is persuing a degree in Viticulture and Oenology,
    Her experience at the college, became so bad due to medium of instruction which is Afrikaans,she tried to resolve,but unfortunately to no success, I intervene as a parent and apparently all black students are experiencing the same, she was unfortunately victimise in a subtle way by lecturers, since she repeatedly requested explanation in English, it got tougher and tougher until she was told she did not meet the requirements. She managed to obtain 21 subjects and was told to come back after two years to proceed with her studies. I pleaded with the institution to re instate her, I even went to the offices of Higher learning in Pretoria, spoke to Mr Masuku,who explaned to me and my husband that unfortunately currently the government does not have the capacity to challenge the institution policies.

    To cut a long story short,since Elsenburg is the only institution that provides this degree in our country, we then did not have no choice but to apply overseas with the assistance of Rotega Agency , she was accepted at Adelaide University, she was supposed to have started in February, but due to lack of finance, she postponed it to next term in June.

    Dr Nzimande I have been all over pleading for sponsors for my daughter, who has passion in this industry of wine production. could you please provide financial support to my daughter please, she is even prepared to come back and plough back these rare skills into our country.

    Please i pleade with you to respond to this email,

    Yours truly
    Mrs Mapuleng Mpumlwana

  7. hi mr blade nzimande i have aproblem with depatment of education in 111commisiner johannesburg
    on the 13 september 2011 i went ther to apply for result combinatio of my matric certificate,they told me that the system dos’nt pick up then i had to go back empty handed they told me to come back after 3days i went there they told the same thing,until now i did not get my result,i wanted to apply for schoolership but i coldi’nt just because i dont have matric certificate not even the print out of my combination.please help me its been 9 months now i cant even do anything they i wasting my time when i was the on the 11 april 2012 anne said nothing she can do me i ask her wat to do because i want to apply for learnership she said she cant help me i shol go back.i can’ afford school fees but atleast if i can go for learnership,please help me im the bread winner athome so im triyng to get something better to surport my family for now im workin as casual at chubby chic and i get little money to surppot my sibling because we do not have parents,so try to talk to them please my dream is falling appert.

    yurs truely Nomthandazo shabalala

  8. Dear Sir

    I am a student in WHITERIVER TECHNICAL COLLEGE in mpumalanga province doing n5 electrical and Im about to write exams and two of the subjects have to be written at the same time which is impossible,the college said that they did send a request but nothing was done bcos the exam permits came with those clushing subjects. This situation is unfair and stressful we work hard to get education but at the end our education is not taken seriously. I will be happy if you can help as soon as possible.


  9. south african ppl says education is the key to open all the doors that we come across but as the youth of south africa we are suffering to get that key not because we do not want it but just because it so expensive..i am currently a student from damelin college doing my 2nd yr in journalism and media studies, and this yr things are very difficult because i cant pay my fees. i wonder if u can be able to help me so i can be able to write my final exams…i am from claremont,in durban and this my number 0848220465…plz help me.

  10. i have finished studying at CJC well known is Parktown college.i studied marketing nqf level 4 marketing from 2007 to 2009,now my life is on hold because the education and malusi have issues, i have waited since 2009 for my final certificate to be issued to me.i cant apply for a job and on other hand rhodes univercity is on my back about my level 4 certificate. i have been setting for the past 3 years waiting for the department to do something.i have 15 days to get my level 4 cerfiate order for rhodes to take me as a student.

  11. HI,

    I just want to know to when do the staff members at NSFAS turn to attend to a person request, i am tired of mailing and faxing and calling and dont get feedback that i am looking for please help.

    1. TO Lindiwe

      Thank you for your comments.

      We suggest you contact The Presidency’s Hotline and seek assistance and advice. CLICK HERE to read article

      Alternatively, you can contact The Presidency’s Office directly – CLICK HERE for contact details.

      Or Department of Higher Education. CLICK HERE for contact details.

      Thank you,

      My Dream Course Support Team

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