FIFA 1GOAL for education

FIFA President, Joseph Blatter, has been appointed co-chair of 1GOAL, a campaign championing global education.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, the co-founder and global co-chair of the campaign, invited Blatter to join her in spearheading the initiative.

Blatter pledged to continue leading the quest to make education for all a key aspect of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and a part of South Africa’s legacy.1GOAL, which was launched by Queen Rania last year, is a FIFA-backed campaign that aims to recruit tens of millions of supporters through a mass sign-up campaign in the build-up to South Africa 2010.

It encourages players and fans across the world to sign a virtual petition on the 1GOAL website on behalf of all children who are unable to write their own names. At the heart of the campaign is the aim of securing school places for the 72 million children globally still denied access to basic education.

Source: BuaNews


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