ART-CAFE CORPORATE creative team building workshops

Words can be limiting in terms of self expression and communication. Art-Café’s workshops present a uniquely developed and researched methodology utilizing practical, creative and experiential learning rather than the traditional ‘learning from lecture and notes’ approach.

People are unique and have different needs and expectations. Bringing various experiences, personalities and cultures into a group environment may be challenging. This dynamic limits the capacity of a team to perform at its maximum potential.

Through our Art-Café experiential Workshops, these differences are creatively respected and explored. These differences are therefore experienced as strengths and assets within the team thereby enhancing each person’s unique potential performance in the workplace. Team morale, motivation and communication are thereby improved. This vastly benefits both the individual and the team in using the IMAGINATION – which stretches the mind far beyond the verbal capacity.

According to Einstein, “Imagination is far more important than knowledge!”

Absolutely NO artistic skill or experience is required to participate in our workshops.


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