New Age Therapies

Reiki training is a very intense and personal experience. This is why it is best to meet your Reiki Master first, and see how you feel about them.  In addition, Reiki training can be very deep and transformational.

If you have already trained in Reiki as an energy healing modality, you need to continue with your self-development, discovery and growth.  Reiki is not about reading books or listening to seminars. It is about experiencing and developing.

With this in mind, we now have a regular monthly Reiki and Healing Share in Cape Town CBD on a weekday evening. All are welcome, whether this is the first time you hear of Reiki or if you are an experienced Reiki Master. Payment is a modest donation of what you can afford (usually R50-100), and you enjoy an evening of discovery and growth. This way you will get to know us better, develop your skills, or just enjoy the evening and have fun.


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