C4 Images and Safaris Promotions

Beginners Photo Course: Learn how to use your camera, how to recognise light, understand composition basics and take better images. Aimed at the beginner photographer no matter how large or small your camera, this course will introduce the basic principles of photography so that you can head out with confidence to take better, more striking images with greater impact.

Intermediate Photo Course: Learn how to apply more control over your camera and your images. Control aperture Shutter speed, depth of field and ISO. Discover the creative applications of your camera; Improve your images with better composition techniques- complimenting background and fore grounds, patterns in nature and seeing in black and white.

Photo Workshops: Each of our photo workshops provide excellent opportunities for you to join in with fellow photographers and study, learn and gain new knowledge on wildlife and nature photography. Each workshop is divided into game drives, taking photos of wildlife, tutor sessions, informal discussions and feedback sessions.


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