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Sugar & Spice offers a range of child care courses and workshops for child minders. Their primary focus is on empowering Domestic Workers working in family homes with all the essential knowledge, practical skills and confidence they need to take care of babies and young children.

Their nanny training course has been running since January 2003 and in this time we have given more than 500 nannies the confidence and essential tools to take care of and stimulate the babies and young children they love and are responsible for – both at work and in their communities. Our nanny training course is the only domestic worker nanny training course fully and exclusively endorsed by Baby Sense in South Africa.

Their kids play workshops give nannies new and creative ideas for play and fun time with the children they care for.

Their keep it clean and green short course has been developed to address the need for reducing the use of resources from human time, precious water and power to! Teaching tried and tested “old fashioned” ways to clean, our one day workshop can be presented in your home as a customized course or to a group where we teach with a more general perspective.

The cooking family favorites classes teach nannies how to prepare food that is easy, nutritious and delicious ensuring that your little ones will get their “5 a day!”
The Sugar & Spice Nanny Training course gives your domestic worker all the essential knowledge, practical skills and confidence she needs to take care of your young child, from birth to 3+.

Established in 2003, their course is the only nanny training course fully and exclusively endorsed by Baby Sense, guaranteeing that they are teaching up to date thinking and well tried and proven principles. Mums can relax in the knowledge that their children are in confident, capable and loving hands while they are away from home.
Based on the principal of “Whole Child Development” we teach with these key elements in mind: – Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Physical wellbeing.

Running over 4 weeks (3 hours, once a week) the content includes the following:

Routines and time management
Essential First Aid, including CPR and Mouth to Mouth
Childproofing your home and safety indoors and outdoors
Avoiding the transmission of HIV and TB
Nutrition and Menu Planning
Understanding the importance of play
Developmental Milestones
Age appropriate games and activities
Learning through Reading and Music

The First Aid Module is presented by a third party First Aid professional, ensuring that the latest practices are taught.

The content was developed by a pre school teacher, with particular attention to the developmental milestones and supporting games and activities that one can use to encourage learning, while making sure the child has fun and stays safe!  We have enhanced this with the guidance of a pediatric neuro-developmental physiotherapist, the ongoing input of mothers and many years of nanny training experience to make sure that everything we teach is practical and current.

We appreciate that most nannies in South Africa are not first language English speakers so we deliver our course in a very practical manner, keeping it fresh and simple so your domestic worker understands the content and can apply her learning in her place of work and her community despite any potential language barrier.


“I was really impressed with how you ran the course and Bongi’s feedback was wonderful. I’ve looked through Bongi’s manual and the information in it is great and so much of what I hoped you would cover. It has also helped Bongi and I to chat more about the kids, I can really see that she enjoyed the course.” – Abby Malan

“I would just like to take this opportunity to also thank you for the EXCELLENT work you have done on the nanny course that my nanny attended. I am continously amazed at the wealth of information that she gained at the course – all very thorough and practical advice that both of us are benefiting by tremendously. Your syllabus and training methods are very professional and I use every opportunity to promote your course to other mothers.

I’m therefore very excited to see all the other courses that you are offering and to know there are more learning opportunities lying ahead for my nanny.

Keep up the good work!”

Karen Shewan
Each of the trainers brings practical motherhood or teaching experience to the course and all share a passion for children and empowering the people who care for them.

Little about people behind Sugar and Spice

Kirsten- Owner of Sugar & Spice, mother of three and guardian to a fourth, has 19 years of communication and business experience, had 2 premature babies born at 28 and 27 weeks – less than 12 months apart and has employed a nanny to help care for her children for 8 years.

Carolyn – First Aid Trainer and mother of two has 17 years practical paramedical experience, trained First Aid for 11 years and has 6 years experience as a mom.

Sonya – Gauteng business manager and mother of two has 17 years of communication and business experience and is studying Intergrated Learning Therapy (ILT) – remedial programme to assist children with learning disabilities.

Caren – Trainer and mother of two is a pre school and remedial teacher.

Caithe – Trainer and business manager has worked as an au pair internationally and has 8 years business and training experience.


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