Presidential Hotline caller will be assisted

The very first person to get through to the Presidential Hotline when it was launched on Monday is to receive assistance, says President Jacob Zuma.

During the launch of the toll-free number which allows members of the public to lodge an enquiry or complaint directly in the President’s office, Zuma himself took a call from a distressed citizen from Mount Frere in the Eastern Cape. The caller’s husband passed away in 2006 and she had been trying to access his pension but was experiencing problems.

“The King Sabata Dalindyebo Municipality has acknowledged that there is an outstanding amount of money due to the caller and said they had been unable to locate her as she had moved from her place of residence. “Staff will follow this matter until the money has been given to her,” President Zuma said on Thursday.

Jacob Zuma

Twenty one specially trained Public Liaison Officers took up their seats at the Union Buildings to handle calls and respond to general public inquiries and complaints over service delivery and questions about government. They are supported by 50 agents at the State Information Technology Agency as well as 43 public liaison officers who do follow ups in government departments and offices of Premiers.

The President said he had been instructed staff to treat each case as if it was the only one and to follow cases through until resolution. He added that despite the inevitable initial hiccups, government was pleased with progress made.  The Presidential Hotline number is 17737 or 1 PRES. If the lines are busy, the public can try fax on 086 681 0987 or 012 323 8246 or e-mail on

Source: BuaNews, SABC


2 thoughts on “Presidential Hotline caller will be assisted

  1. Goodday, I’d please like to know what is going on with the promises that was promised to our country and I dont mean this in a rude way but it all seems like everything that the country was promised is being put on hold because of the wedding and its really frustrating and whenever I hear on the radio about something thats being put on hold I feel like going all crazy and write a strongly worded letter to the government. We also have feelings and would like to continue with our lives and not be poor because of this patheic new E-toll system, I honestly think its wasting our money and time. We are going to end up having en economy just like Zimbabwe’s which is unacceptable. And why do all the boers have to give their land up for people thats to lazy to get up in the morning and go lookfor a job? The money is not being spend wisely as we work hard for it and its there to help us and to help others out, not to pleasure the government to to make them any richer. There was a broadcast on bbm (BlackBerryMessenger) that said you wanted to be treated just like Nelson Mandela and should start with 27 years in jail, I think a lot of us will agree with that.

    Kind Regards
    Cherise Venter

  2. good day

    I am lady living with disability, i live in a rural area in Venda. I had to relocate from my home to another rular area where i am now building a house because of the hills in where i am now staying. my problem is where i am going to stay no has no water. I think the government has not yet prepared to give us water. What my local municipality which thulamela doing is they bring a truck of water which i cannot carry a drum to the place where they will poor us water and carry the small drums to home. i live with my mother whom she is very old she cannot carry the water bottles. The only solution ghat i have is to hire someone to carry a water bottles for us.

    Why cant the government do somethingv about this, the village i am talking about is called Dopeni i Venda. Mr president i know the elections are very near and its possible to be promised a water in our village just like the past election but nothing has been done.

    Please assist us Mr President

    Tshilidzi Muanalo

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