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Catering Management for Facilities Managers

One of the most challenging and emotive services managed by Facilities Managers today is Catering Services.

As South African businesses continue to expand into global markets and visa versa, employees are more exposed to international standards and trends. This exposure as well as the other exciting options available locally often results in increase service expectations and quality of life in the workplace. It is therefore very important for Facilities Managers to innovate and keep abreast of these strategic shifts so as to stay in alignment with the company’s culture and objectives

Catering in particular is a service that remains an ongoing challenge to Facilities Managers who have to serve the needs of clients working particularly and increasingly in various time zones.

With the variety and creativity in food served both locally and abroad, it is no wonder that this culinary experience is such a controversial subject in companies today. The challenge of serving the right food at the right price is exacerbated by the diversity in the workplace

Afroteq Facilities Management now offers a 2 day Catering Management course

This course will provide Facilities Managers with the necessary exposure to the catering environment to best practice and current trends in the hospitality and catering environment, sourcing guidelines, performance indicators, budget management and service measurement to empower Facilities Managers with the tools to develop effective culinary solutions for their clients.


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