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If 2008 was the year of pursuing and exploring your writing talent and honing your writing skills, 2009 is the year to take a step in the write direction.

“Whatever you do, take the write action and turn thoughts into words,” says Daniel Dercksen, who will be taking aspirant writers through the paces of being a writer in South Africa with the The Write Voice workshop at the Artscape Theatre Centre on September 5, 12, 19 and 26 from 2pm until 5pm.

The Write Voice is aimed at storytellers who would like to sharpen their creative skills and explore their writer’s voice.

“One of the major reasons that writers fail to complete projects successfully is because they have no idea who they are as writers and how to project their writer’s voice,” says Dercksen.

“Once you take ownership of your writer’s voice it is possible to make a healthy living by channelling your writing through the right medium and turning your writing talent into a powerful tool of communicating effectively and passionately.”

The Write Voice takes writers through the writing process, from the inception of an idea, to selecting the right medium for your story.

It empowers writers to make the right choices and take ownership of their writing; master the craft of writing for different mediums (from articles to short stories, from novels to plays and films); develop an understanding of what and who you are writing about; and how to change chaos into completed projects that is publisher-and-producer friendly.

During the workshop the writers will write a short story that will be read to the group at the last session.

The workshop is presented by Daniel E. Dercksen, who has done more than 350 practical and motivational workshops in creative writing and scriptwriting throughout South Africa during the past nine years; and as a published movie journalist, with more than 22 years experience, he writes regular interviews and features on a freelance basis.

Bursaries are available on discretion for disadvantaged writers.


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