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Always in a rush , stressed and tired. Start putting your health first. Safe superior long lasting Chinese Medicine treatments, acupuncture, tui na and bone setting massages, moxibustion and cupping will improve your standard of living as well as treat any ailment. Combined with herbs and tea that will help speed up the healing process. Experience a new level of awareness discovering your Chi (inner strength) by doing Tai Chi or Qi Gong classes. The ultimate exercise .Private classes can be arranged. Stylish, Trendy Lifestyle clothing to maximize comfort and movement. Specialize in giving workshops, teambuilding and courses in Chinese Medicine. ‘Ultimate mind altering experience’



Jing- An literally translates as: “Source of Serenity.” Established 12 years ago by Owner Dr. Michael Lan, this professional Organisation conveys Ancient Wisdom inherent to Chinese medicine, Tai Chi, Gi Gong and it’s other branches.  Dr. Lan is a Traditional Chinese medicine doctor, specializing in the practise and education of all treatments offered. He taught in the United Kingdom, the Sports Science Institute in Cape Town and is the UCT Tai Chi Club Coach. His continual efforts and success are continually being recognized through extensive media coverage such as Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Longevity, Odyssey, Renaissance, The Cape Time and Argus newspapers, and was also featured on Free Spirit and The Power Of Within (SABC 3). He is a regular contributor to Longevity Magazine, having been voted along with four other leaders in their field as “most inspiring”.



Jing – An’s objective is to take special care in preserving the integrity and authenticity of its Origin and Lineage through the services treatments and education provided.


Concepts and principles

Jing-An’s teachings and treatment are based primarily on maintaining a fine Balance in Mind, Body, Health and Lifestyle.



Jing – An is affiliated to

•    Allied Health Professional Council of SA
•    Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society, Gauteng
•    Traditional Chinese Healer’s Association, WC
•    NACMASA –National Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association of South-Africa
•    International Chinese Kuoshu Martial Art Federation, Taiwan
•    Martial arts authority of  SA
•    World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Federation, USA
•    World Tai Chi Chuan Federation , Taiwan/USA


Treatments offered

•    Acupuncture
•    Acupressure
•    Tui-Na Massage
•    Bone-Setting Massage
•    Cupping
•    Moxibustion Chinese herbs


Private and Specialized Classes

Jing – An offers the exclusive option of one on one classes, giving special attention to members and clients who wish to gain individual focus in any of the areas of training offered.


Classes offered

Tai Chi Hand Form, Tai Chi Sword form, Pushing hands (2 person drilling)
Tai Chi Self Defence and Application
Qi Gong, Nei Gong meditation (internal chi cultivation)
Pa Kua (8 Tri-grams form)
Hsing I (5 Elements Form)


Tai Chi Styles

Jing-An offers authentic classical: “Yang” tai chi short form, long form, pushing hands and sword form style.

Qi Gong Styles: The foundation of  Jing-An Qi Gong’s classes are predominately based on keeping the mind in the “Tan- Tien: – (Focal Point Area) and through: Tien Tao” Qi Gong

Two different styles of Qi Gong based on Balance of Softness and Hardness are taught at Jing-An.

Soft Style: “Tien Tao:” – “Wild Goose” and “18 Tai Chi Qi Gong”
Hard Style: “8 Section Brocade” and “Muscle & Sinew Change”

Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi  Instructor Course

Members and clients can enroll for our Annual Course on Ancient Chinese Health, Massage and Five Elements Systems, as well as Instructor Tai Chi Teaching Course based on our Martial Arts, Philosophies and Healing Methodologies.



“Jing-an” Casual and Lifestyle Clothes and Uniforms are Designed For Maximum Comfort and Movement. New ranges are launched seasonally.


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