Considering a new career? Ask these questions

Ask yourself 3 questions when considering a new career

What kind of career and training do I want to pursue?

Think carefully about what you want you would like to do with your life. Think about your passions? Think about your dreams? Training and education after high school a technical school can lead onto a certificate, diploma or a degree. Research and find out as much as you can about the occupation / industry that you are interested in. Talk to family, friends, go to your local library and internet. Consider talking to a guidance counselor or professionals working in the industry.  There are so many options to choose from. So do your homework. Try matching the training to your natural skills, abilities, and interests. Planning will assist you to make a success of your career.

How do I prepare for a job?

In order to enter into a certain industry / career, do I need to study a specific program to gain entry into the field that you are interested in?  Do you need to be certified or have a license to work in a field your choosing?

To answer these question you can seek help from your high school guidance counselor, mentors, professionals in the field or certification agencies.  Ask specifics about license requirements you might require and exams have to take.

Is the programs accepted locally and internationally? Will employers accept the training certification?

For this you will need to call human resource departments and employments offices of a few businesses you are hoping to work. Ask what certification is needed or if a license is required. And ask if they can recommend a particular college or technical school to you.


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