Sunrae International Hair and Beauty Academy Open Day

SunRae International Hair and Beauty will be hosting an open day on 5th September from 08h00 to 17h00

SunRae boasts some of the finest staff & facilities available and is situated in a beautiful scenic setting.  It is much more than just any salon, SunRae is home to SunRae International Hair & Beauty Academy, BodySense Salon, SunStreaks Hair Studios as well as accommodating SunBean coffee shop and Garden Goodies nursery and garden accessories.

This means you and the whole family can go and enjoy the day with them if you choose. While dad walks around the nursery, the kids can enjoy the fishponds and garden goodies, while mom can be pampering herself in the salon or hair studio. After its all done, the whole family can sit down and enjoy a good, wholesome lunch served from their healthy, scintillating menu!


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