Soul Healing

Soul Healing  is a leading training centre for Reiki and Crystal Healing in South Africa and offer courses that are accredited by the Reiki Association of Southern Africa and internationally accepted. They offer course that are designed to cater for all aspects and modalities of spiritual healing.

Their purpose is to provide courses and workshops that bring about healing and good health through empowering  both the practitioners and clients. This is done through the promotion of Reiki, crystal healing and other courses such as Louise Hay workshops.

All courses take place in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Knysna, and Durban. Courses in other cities can be arranged on request.

For further details on these workshops and courses please contact Karen

Karen Lange began her career as a schoolteacher in Biological Sciences. She left the teaching profession to follow her spiritual calling and fulfill one of the aspects of her soul contract; that of teacher and spiritual councilor. Karen is a gifted healer with a wealth of experience. Karen teaches Reiki, Crystal Healing and facilitates Louise Hay empowerment workshops; she is the principal teacher at the Soul Healing Academy and also a talented exhibiting artist. She is the chairperson of the Reiki Association of Southern Africa, an association dedicated to promoting Reiki through the implementation of rigorous teaching and practicing standards.


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